When I first started the Ketogenic Lifestyle, it was confusing for me. Everything I ever learned about eating was completely opposite with Keto. There were so many rules and the people in the ketogenic community used so many acronyms like NSV and WOE. Also, many changes were happening in my body (were these good or bad) etc.…

I quickly realized this wasn’t a diet I could just dive into without learning about it. I know quite a few people who have done just that and saw no results or had a negative experience with it because they simply did not know what they were doing. Usually they quickly gave up and concluded that the diet just doesn’t work. Don’t be THAT person!

The first thing I noticed with Keto was there were tons of free information, advice, youtube videos, and podcasts that I could learn from. The leaders in the Ketogenic Lifestyle are usually extremely generous and truly desire to help others achieve their weight loss goals and/or recover from health issues. In fact, that gave me confidence that maybe this diet would work, since I didn’t have to spend $29.95 on a book or pay a monthly fee for a “diet plan.” No, most of everything I learned in the beginning was FREE!

Today I want to point you in the direction of some of my favorite go to Top 5 podcasts. I love podcasts because I can listen to them in my car when I am out and about.


Jimmy Moore Podcasts

LivinLavida Lowcarb



Diet Doctor Podcast

Diet Doctor


Keto Life Support Podcast

Keto Life Support


2 Keto Dudes Podcast

2 Keto Dudes


Biohackers Lab Podcast

(not everything Keto, but there is some)

Biohackers Lab Health Show


Tune in to these and learn as much as you can. This may help you so much in your journey towards better health and wellness. You will soon understand why we lovetobeketo!