Below are links to some of the valuable resources I learned from when I changed to the Ketogenic lifestyle. I am a firm believer in educating yourself with Keto. There are so many “Keto” products out there that are just gimmicks and many self proclaimed “gurus” that it is easy to be mislead and confused. If you have committed to improving your health and changing your life its a good idea to know you are making positive progress and you are receiving correct information, right? The resources I have linked below are all resources I learned from and still follow. I trust this information because I have used them all in my own life. There is not any book linked to that I myself haven’t read or any facebook group I suggest that I myself don’t belong to. I joined the DietDoctor membership two years ago and I am still a member. The podcasts I have linked to- I play all the time in my car. They are SO valuable.

The one thing I love about the Keto community is we want to HELP others and get the word out that there is HOPE even after diagnosis of various health conditions. And there is HOPE when after you have tried everything and you still didn’t lose the weight or worse yet- you gained it back.

Please note: The links to the books on this page are affiliate links to Amazon. That means that if you buy something through that link I will receive a very small commission from Amazon at no additional cost to you. However, again, as I said before I do not recommend any product, service or book that I haven’t already purchased and loved. If you do not wish to buy through my link simply go directly to Amazon and buy the books from them. What is most important is that you read the books.





Facebook Groups and Websites

There are many more resources, but these are the my “go to” groups and people. As you learn you’ll be introduced to other names you might want to look into as well. 

Not all “Keto people” believe or teach the same way. Some say its alright to have some of these oils that we call bad in the diet. That is called “dirty keto.” Its not a good idea to follow that advice. Our experience is stick with Ken Berry and Jimmy Moore and the other people they mention in their Facebook LIVES, Podcasts and Youtube channels.