Before I started my keto journey lifestyle I was doing alot of searching for answers. How to lose weight with diabetes. Low-impact exercises for bad knees. How to lower my blood sugar, etc… I read a lot of junk! But then I found Sarah Hallberg’s TED Talk “Reversing Diabetes Starts with Ignoring the Guidelines”  That TED talk changed my life! It directed me down the path toward my ketogenic lifestyle. I was still not committed but I was learning.

The day I decided to “go keto” I looked for Facebook groups. I found Ketogenic Success. What I loved about this group and the diet is this diet did not have a price tag on it. The Ketogenic Success group is very generous with information on their group site and ALL members of the group are very supportive and helpful. No matter how dumb my newbie questions were-they were ready to give me what I needed to know!

It wasn’t long until I found Dr. Ken Berry and his wife, Neisha. Dr. Berry has a YouTube channel  with a wealth of information. He is so easy to understand and entertaining. I also joined his Facebook group  and later became a $20 per month patron. Most Thursday nights he holds face to face zoom calls with us when we can ask him questions. He takes his time and is so nice. His wife Neisha is wonderful as well.

Next I found Jimmy Moore  from Livin’ Lavida Low Carb. He has several active podcasts you can find on his page.

These four resources-Dr. Sarah Hallberg, Ketogenic Success Facebook Group, Dr. Berry and Neisha, and Jimmy Moore’s show & podcasts are a great place to start learning. I love them all and owe so much gratitude to the time they put in to us all. Its clear all they want to do is help as many people as they can by putting the educational content out there for a healthy life!

I’m more than two years into the lifestyle now and there are so many more Keto Heroes I have found.  Dr. Annette Bosworth, Dr. Tro & Dr. Brian LenzKes from the podcast: Low Carb MD.   We have Dr. Paul MasonDave Feldman, Dr. Eric Westman, Dr. Stephen Phinney, Dr.Jeff Volek; you can find videos from these guys at Low Carb Down Under. Just recently I’ve added a new hero to my list-Dr. Robert Cywes- The Carb Addiction Doc.

There are many more I have come to value and I am sure you will run across them when you acquaint yourself to these people on my list. Like I said I owe great gratitude to them and I honestly hope one day I can tell them in person what their dedication has meant to me!