You are out and about running errands. You did not expect to be out this long, and you are hungry. What does a keto dieter do? We live in a carb world surrounded by quick snacks heavy with sugar, wheat, and junk oils. This post today is how to be keto in a carb world.
I am thankful I can go quite a long while between meals now that I have been in the keto lifestyle for almost two years. But every once in a while, I will find myself needing to grab something to eat when I am out longer than I expected.
Granted, we don’t have nearly as many choices as someone who doesn’t restrict carbohydrates, but we do have BETTER choices. Our choices don’t make us tired, send our blood sugar soaring and better yet, doesn’t send us desperately searching for a bathroom 15 minutes after consuming.
Here is a short list of some quick bites to grab when you’re out:

• Dill pickles
• Celery and cream cheese
• Pork rinds
• Pork rinds and cream cheese
• Grass-fed beef sticks or jerky (pay close attention to ingredients)
• Pecans
• Macadamia nuts
• Cheese sticks (goes great with nuts)
• Hard-boiled eggs (some stores sell them ready to eat)
• Hard salami, ham, turkey, cheese from the deli

There are days in all of our lives where cooking just doesn’t fit into the day or you are just out too late to have dinner at home.
Fast food has choices you can pick from. Order your burger with no bun, order it with bacon, ask them to wrap it in lettuce, tell them no mayo or catsup, and ask for tomatoes, pickles, and onions if you want. Then buy a small side salad to stand in for the fries you used to need alongside your burger. If you have time for finer dining at a sit-down restaurant order a steak with asparagus, broccoli, or green beans and a side salad. Don’t forget to tell them to NOT bring the rolls! So many times, we have forgotten to tell the waitress to hold the rolls and when she brings them it is already too late to turn them back. By then we are saying, “Well, maybe just a bite.” It’s much easier just to be sure to say don’t bring the rolls!
Prepare in advance for days like these when you won’t be home for dinner. Look up the nutrition charts of the fast food joints and restaurants in your area. Choose in advance the foods that fit in with your way of eating and memorize those choices. It should not be hard to memorize since the choices, while still delicious, are very few. I am able to walk into the area restaurants and know what I want because I just did a little research in advance. Then pay attention after you eat there. If you feel a bit icky, like I did when I ate a quarter pounder with cheese at Mc’D’s, then just don’t go there anymore! I find myself less bothered by burgers from Wendy’s than anywhere else. Steak and Shake and Arby’s are also fine with me.
So, it is possible to find suitable Keto choices in a carb world, but I recommend not to let it happen too often. Maybe only when it is just a rough or busy, busy day or when a special occasion calls for a steak dinner out. The best choice is always home cooked food where you are doing the seasoning and the cooking.