I want YOU to get healthy AGAIN! If you are healthy I want you to STAY healthy. I hope to provide inspiration and hope to those who are desperately seeking an answer to a better quality of life and maybe even some wisdom to those who still feel great. 

     Those of you who are thinking everything is working great in your body right now may be unaware that inside, your body is desperately trying to keep up to maintain itself. It’s only a matter of time until you begin to break down. Don’t wait for that to happen. Prevention and getting ahead of the health issues down the road will save you YEARS of trying to restore your health. Every “old” person with a chronic diet induced disease will tell you that. 

     If you’re like me -I waited to care about my health until I thought it was too late- arthritis, high blood pressure, obesity, sleep apnea, acid reflux and type 2 diabetes has already set in. Seven medications and at least 8 ibuprofen a day is what my life amounted to. I remember thinking, I’m only in my fifties and already I’m broken. My doctor and dietician from the ADA both said “Diabetes is a progressive disease.” It wasn’t until it became painfully obvious that the next medicine added to the list would be insulin that I started searching for an answer. Guess what? I found it!! 

     Look on my resources page to find links to the YouTube videos, websites, Facebook groups, books, etc.... that I found that literally led me back to better health and most importantly HOPE that my health could be restored. My prayer is that everyone who comes here will find hope as well. God bless you all!



My Keto Heroes

Before I started my keto journey lifestyle I was doing alot of searching for answers. How to lose weight with diabetes. Low-impact exercises for bad knees. How to lower my blood sugar, etc… I read a lot of junk! But then I...

May 2022